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Welcome To Kurmanji Language Consultant

The Kurmanji Language Consultant has provided top quality linguistic service to customers since 2001. we are committed to meet customer demand for specific linguistic service. We offer a language service as well as providing our clients with very good quality translation and interpreting.

We specialize in: Kurdish language and dialects (Kurmanji, Bahdini) and Arabic.

our consultants manage multilingual projects to meet clients’ business needs.We have an excellent linguists’ network, which provides translation and interpreting service, coupled with understanding and good knowledge of business projects.

Kurmanji Court InterpretingWe specialise in rare languages and dialects. particular as Arabic.We also specialise in French. Our linguists are professional individuals who offer clients a reliable and impartial outcome, and are trained to identify the specific language or dialect from particular demographic region and individuals’ language and dialect background.

Our business is committed to provide our clients with a free consultation. Whether you need a linguist or just want  information about a specific language, please contact us, we will do our best to help.

Telephone interpreting

Our telephone interpreting service ensures immediate service provided for our clients when required, and offers   excellent and confidential quality interpreting with a specialised linguist 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our telephone interpreting has many advantages – in particular, it is cost effective when clients need an interpreter for a short period of time or an emergency e.g  accident  police, legal, immigration.

Quality customer service

We aims to provide clients with best quality product as well as experienced native language-speaker interpreters.

All our linguists have checked Enhanced CRB, necessary to implement the Data Protection Act 1988.
Our business policy is to provide impartial and confidential translators and interpreters.
All our linguists skilled are specifically trained with many years of experience in different types of client projects.

Who uses our services

  • Private and public sector
  • Telecommunication
  • Sport and Entertainment
  • Media voiceover
  • Marketing
  • Local Government, the Home Office (Immigration), Police Service.
  • Legal Tribunal Service, solicitors and HM Courts
  • Business consultants for foreign and local companies

Our professional affiliations: Chartered Institute of Linguists.

Some of our clients include:

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Her Majesty’s Court Service
  • Community Legal Service
  • National Health Service

The_Guardian“Kurmanji translator was first-rate. His work was incredibly thorough, and he had an eye for the smallest of details. He clearly cared deeply about his work and would only stop when the job was done. A pleasure to work with.”

[The Guardian]

Many thanks

L. Topham