About Kurmanji Language Consultancy

Kurmanji Language Translation and Interpreting helps businesses to communicate with their clients. We are a small business with few linguists, chosen according to their professionalism and expertise. We are credited by major private and public businesses to provide cost effective interpreting and translation service in our selection languages.

Kurmanji Language Consultancy works with you to enhance your business, ensuring our client has confidently communicated with has business customer anywhere in the world.

We work with our client as a partnership to hand over the best quality customer service that is cost effective and on time. Kurmanji language business management can help you with your project whether small or large.

Our value

We have successfully built our interpreting and translation business on quality products and customer service quality, for this reason we are trusted by major private and public organisations.

  • Well-established business since 2001, which has excellent reputation amongst its client base and good relationships with other organisations. Our network of linguists works to meet clients requirements  and offer consultation to the private and public sector.
  • We are associated with other language institutes and work with several businesses and organisations to raise standards.
  • We ensure our customers receive accurate translation and interpreting, it is our quality customer service which distinguishes us from our competitors. We work with experienced and professional interpreters and translators to provide customers with a unique product and rare language interpretation. Time is very important we deliver quality work fast and efficient that gives our customers confidence to continue working with us.
  • Our management ensures high quality to meet our customers’ high standard we provide comprehensive service without compromising professional standard and while remaining cost effective.

Kurmanji has transformed the translation and interpreting service business by using up to date technology and offering training sessions to linguists to improve their interpreting technique and enable them to provide high quality interpreting and translation.

Our vision and aims

  • Our objective is to offer help and solution to client (partnership).
  • We ensure feedback from clients for each project to help business management in assessing linguists’ performance.
  • We maintain our reputation by offering high quality products and customer service.
  • Our management policy recognes the achievements of interpreters and translators in valuing our customers.
  • We help interpreters to get training and develop their skills.