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Kurmanji Language and Consultancy specialises in a variety of Kurdish dialects, and provides interpreting and translation service 24/7 for the public sector and an extensive range of businesses. We are able to meet our clients’ requirements and help with big projects or one to one business meetings. Due to the demand for rare languages like Kurmanji and Bahdini, KLC frequently provide linguists at short notice to different locations.

We understand the importance of quality service and this is provided by our linguists. We are a specialised language consultancy team of linguists which covers a specific languages and rare dialects.

Our interpreting service has flexibility and is cost effective compared with other translation and interpreting companies.

Kurmanji language consultancy is professional and can meet the client’s demands at short notice. KLC can offer your business excellent professional linguists. We offer Kurmanji interpreting and translation, language analysis, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, whispered interpreting, video link conference interpreting and telephone interpreting.

We offer translation and interpreting services for:

  • Business meetings and other types of event
  • Simultaneous interpreting – this type to of interpreting is usually utilised in conferences. For each language normally the interpreters working in pair and interpret simultaneously what is being said.
  • Legal interpretation solicitors and court proceedings
  • Medical and hospital appointments
  • Local authority and human resources meetings
  • Confidential and impartial business negotiations
  • Media and press conferences
  • Conferences, conventions and other types of events
  • Teleconferences
  • Police
  • The Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration)
  • Video link conference interpreting