Farsi Language

The Farsi language is one of the Persian spoken languages in Iran. It is also spoken in Iran and Afghanistan, where it is known as Dari. Farsi and Dari are closely related and can be mutually understood to some extent. At Kurmanji Language Consultancy we select the right linguists to provide the specific language or dialect to the clients.

Kurmanji Language Consultancy has a range of experienced Farsi interpreters and translators who are qualified to work in the private and public sectors. Our linguists are able to work in the UK and abroad and can attend face-to-face assignments or over the phone.
We only work with professional interpreters who associated with a leading industry affiliation such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Institute of Linguists and National Register of Public Service Interpreters. As a Farsi interpreter we treat client’ information in strict confidentiality at all times. Our legal (court and tribunal) linguists have many years of experience and understanding of the legal sector’s work procedure and terminology.

We offer interpreting and translation to private and public sector, telecommunications, call centre and media companies, sport and entertainment, media voiceover and subtitling, marketing and advertisements, Local Government, the Home Office (Immigration), Police Service Legal Tribunal Service, solicitors and HM Courts, and to Business consultants for foreign and local companies including work interviews and research interviews.

Our Farsi translators offer high quality document translation such as web pages, correspondence, marriage certificates, identification (passports, ID cards), witness statements, education certificates, medical certificates and immigration and family related documents.