French language

French is not only a European and world language, but is one of the official languages in more than 29 countries and spoken by over 200 million, including in the Middle East and North Africa.

Firstly we rely on the quality of our Interpreting and Translation as one of leading rare language providers. We have worked on many interpreting project for UK public bodies and authorities Courts (High Court of Justice London, Glasgow High Court, Edinburgh High Court, Immigration Tribunal and county Courts), National Health Service and Local Authority.

At Kurmanji we believe that understanding not just the language but also the background and culture of our clients hlep to make the difference and provides the best quality of translation and interpreting.

We offer an impressive wide range of language service, together with a complimentary language consultation service. These include:

  • an interpreting and translation service for public sector and private business, business meetings and other types of event
  • legal interpretation solicitors and court proceedings
  • simultaneous interpreting (as usually utilised in conferences. For each language normally the interpreters working in pair and interpret simultaneously what is being said)
  • human resource meeting
  • confidential and impartial business negotiations
  • media and conference
  • convention teleconferences, video link conferences.