Kurdish Sorani

It is difficult to know the precise numbers of Kurdish Sorani speakers, but previous research identified that Sorani was spoken by about 6-7 million people in Iran and Iraq. Most of them are around the cities of Arbil and Sulaymaniya in Iraqi Kurdistan.

We are able to provide a range of Kurdish Sorani Interpreters who are qualified and experienced for the private and public sectors in the UK and abroad. Interpreters can attend face to face, via webcam and over the phone.

Our translators are professional and associated with leading industry organisations such as the Institution of Linguists as well as other government organisations. This means that we maintain confidentiality and impartiality at all time, regarding our clients’ information with a high level of discretion and strictest confidentiality.

We can supply translators for every city in the UK and many countries abroad. Kurmanji Language Consultancy is interested in offering language services to local businesses and local government offices as well as courts and tribunals, and we are able to provide free consultation and support our clients to minimise their costs.

All our translators and interpreters are professional and highly qualified with at least five years of experience and understand of interpreters’ methods including terminology.

We offer a range of services in Kurdish Sorani Language

  • An interpreting and translation service for public sector and private business, business meetings and other types of event
  • Legal interpretation at tribunals, solicitors and court proceedings
  • Simultaneous interpreting (as usually utilised in conferences. For each language normally the interpreters work in pairs and interpret simultaneously what is being said)
  • Human resource meetings, social events
  • Confidential and impartial business negotiations
  • Media assessments, conference and research interviews
  • Convention teleconferences, video link conferences.