Our Policies

Professional Issues and Code of Practice

  • Linguists will interpret faithfully and truly without change or amendment, an additional clarification will be offered where a cultural issues.
  • Kurmanji linguists will be punctual and reliable at all time, and arrive at the right time for an appointment.
  • Linguists will advise the parties about any cultural or terminological issue, which the parties are not aware of.
  • Linguists will seek to identify any misunderstanding at the right time, to help the linguists and improve the quality of interpreting.
  • Linguists will point out any language or dialect difficulties.
  • Linguists will not express opinions, not enter into discussions, not reactions to any parties, and not provide any advice to any individuals or parties

Code of Ethics

  • Linguists will treat any information as confidential and not communicate or passed it to any third party without authority, so that during an assignment information disclosed is confidential at all times.
  • At all time linguists shall perform an appointment in a professional manner and be impartial.
  • The professional linguists will disclose information regarding criminal record, which may make you unsuitable in an appointment, as any professional work in public require obtaining Enhanced Disclosure. These enable linguists to take any assignment.
  • Treat both parties equally and not discriminate against parties on the grounds of ethnic group, disability, gender, religion, nationality, sexuality, age, colour and race, either directly of indirectly.
  • Inform parties or person of any related business or their immediate family. Not accept any form of reward from parties.
  • Not delegate any translation and interpreting appointed by the Kurmanji language without the business agreement.

Confidentiality Policy

We should not reveal confidential information to any other public body or organisation nor use in contravention of the Data Protection Act 1998. Our linguists are aware of confidentiality and strictly abiding by the legal and ethical requirements policy of Kurmanji Language Consultancy.