Kurdish Telephone Interpreting

Kurmanji Telephone InterpretingMany businesses and organisations choose to use telephone interpreting which help them to communicate with non or limited English speakers for short periods of time, which saves the business time and is affordable.

Customers often consult our management and seek advice about a specific Kurdish language (dialect) then use face-to-face interpreting after telephone interpreting. Customer choose telephone interpreting in different situations such as:

  • At meetings where there is little notice so it is not possible for an interpreter to attend.
  • If the interpreting assignment is for short period of time.
  • Within situations where customers prefer to be anonymous.
  • In an emergency situation which interpreters support required especially at Hospital, Police forces and Immigration etc.

Kurmanji Language Consultancy has been providing telephone interpreting and language consultancy to businesses and organisation to UK, Local Authorities, the Home Office, Immigration, Legal and private sector for over fifteen years. From this experience we believes telephone interpreting is essential to businesses, and reduces costs without compromising on quality.