Kurmanji Language analysis

The Kurdish Kurmanji Language is widely spoken among Kurdish people. The Kurdish population is approximately forty million and they speak more then ten different dialects. Mostly kurmanji speakers live in Kurdistan-Turkey and surrounding countries, but they are also highly dispersed outside their homeland.

Each dialect of Kurdish Kurmanji speech covers different areas. Linguistic analysis shows that every language or dialect tends to extract loan words from the dominant language in their geopolitical areas e.g. in Syria they use some Arabic words, in Turkey Kurmanji speakers use some Turkish words.

Phonological and Lexical Features

Each language or dialect has sound correspondences, which relate to particular groups’ language structure and indicate that each language has specific lexical and phonological characteristics. For example the phonology of Aleppo province in north Syria is faraway from Qamishli province in north-eastern Syria,while that of Diyarbakir in south-eastern Turkey  is relatively more distant then Dohuk province in northern Iraq, while the dialect of north-eastern Iran older than other Kurdish languages or dialect.

The dialects indicate massive differences of basic lexica vocabulary particularly in the cognate structures. Research shows the dialects are similar on the ground of language definition, however there are distinctive lexical differences between groups of people within specific demographic areas.