Video Link Conference Interpreting

At kurmanji Language Consultancy, we offer the most reliable and professional business Video Link Interpreting services in our selected languages. This service is provided for business meetings, panel meetings, court and tribunal hearings and international conferences.

Our experienced Video Link Interpreters will ensure that the right interpreter is provided to meet our client’s requirements including the right dialect and language.

This service works simply with an internet connection. Using a computer and webcam, our professional linguists are able to advise and explain clients step by step

The benefit of Video Link are:

  • Instant access to an interpreter – in an emergency situation or having a meeting.
  • Cost cutting on interpreter travel and avoiding delays and inconvenient situations.
  • It is face-to-face interpreting, because you can see the interpreter and his body language.
  • Translate media provides a reliable and clear video interpreting service.